Locking Lugnuts

Pros: Cheap insurance policy
Cons: Plastic fake cap heads
Cost: $40

From the Bavarian Autosport Ad. “Our own wheel locks give you peace of mind without sacrificing your car’s looks, thanks to a 17mm cap that matches original lugs. Precision machined from high-tension strength steel. Bavarian Autosport exclusive. Sold in sets of 4.”

They appear to do their job very well. When I initially installed them I kind of expected one of the fake plastic cap heads to crack and fall off by now. Well, I’ve had them for over a year now and those plastic caps are doing just fine. I consider them a well spent $40 insurance policy.

Update: It took over three years, but one of the plastic caps finally disappeared. I contacted Bavarian Autosport and they sent me four new caps without asking any questions.

Alan’s 1st Stereo Upgrade

Pros: Great Sound, Great Bass
Cons: Lost trunk space
Cost: $2000

The top picture is of my trunk with half of its space taken by the Kicker 10″ SoloBaric subwoofer and Xtant 4180c amplifier. I find this to be adequate for weekend trips–a couple of soft-side overnight bags will still fit in the remaining space.

The second picture shows the trunk with the subwoofer removed. The two small boxes at the front of the trunk are the Alpine crossovers that came with the DDDrive 6.5″ drivers and tweeters. Note that the amp is forward just enough to still be able to raise the panel for access to the battery and toolkit.

The last picture is a close-up of one of the Alpine crossovers. Note that the Xtant amp has built-in crossovers. Mine are set for a 90 Hz low-pass crossover for the rear channels, and a 70 Hz high-pass crossover for the front channels. The rear channels are bridged to power the subwoofer. The front channels are fed to the Alpine crossovers. These 2nd crossovers then further split the signal to send highs to the tweeters and mids and lows down to 70 Hz to the 6.5″ drivers up front.