BMW Mudflaps

Pros: Easy to install, keeps the car a little cleaner, possibly stops a few paint chips from happening
Cons: Some like the looks some don’t, rear flaps don’t fit perfectly on the 2.8
Cost: $45.56

BMW Part Numbers

Front – 82-16-9-405-191 ($20.00 pair)

Rear – 82-16-9-405-192 ($25.56 pair)

BMW includes Installation instructions with the mudflaps, however those instructions are only for the 1.9 Z3. 2.8 Z3 owner Bill Jones authored the modified instructions below for installation on the 2.8 Z3.

Rear Mud Flap Installation Tips

Since I don’t know your mechanical skills, make sure that you are comfortable with the following procedure before you do any modifications to your vehicle or the mudflaps. I am not responsible for the outcome – you are.

1. The rear mudflaps are designed for the 1.9 model, and cannot be used on the 2.8 without modification to the mounting hole position.

2. There are 2 pre-drilled holes in the lower edge of the mudflap, which are used to mount the mudflap to the 2 bolts securing the lower edge of the rear bumper. However, on the 2.8, you use only the outer bolt due to the additional width of the rear wheel wells.

3. So – follow the instructions supplied with the following changes.

1. On the mud flap, drill a 5/16″ hole between the existing holes, located 1/4 to 5/16″ inboard from the center point between the existing holes. Offset this new hole 3/16″ toward the rear of the flap (as it would be mounted on the car). This hole will be used with the new (supplied with the kit) mounting bolt in the outer bolt position to secure the mudflap.

2. Make sure that the mudflaps are at room temperature or above, preferably a bit warmer. You can use a warm oven (preheat to warm and turn it off!) to warm the mudflaps. The warm plastic will conform to the bumper body shape easier.

3. OPTIONAL – Perhaps I’m “anal retentive”, but I secured the flap with the above mentioned bolt, completed the installation and then marked the position of the unused outboard hole in the mudflap on the bumper. I removed the mudflap and drilled an additional hole in the bumper, so that I could then use the other bolt supplied in the kit to reinstall the mudflap with two bolts.

4. OPTIONAL – I used black RTV (silicone sealer) around the edge of the mudflap that is next to the wheel well liner. Form a filet with your fingertip (dip finger in denatured alcohol first) for a smooth joint.

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