Chrome Front Grill

BMW Grill: still waiting for part number, suspect it will be roughly $40 for the pair of kidney grills
Chrome tape: found at most auto parts stores, easy to install and costs under $10

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  • Chrome Front Grill
  • All 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 model year Z3s came with the same front kidney grills. The kidney shaped grills were surrounded in chrome with thin black slats running vertically in the middle. It was a great looking front grill but of course everything can be improved upon.

    Starting with the model year 2000 Z3 and M roadsters the front kidney grill is slightly different. The thin vertical slats in the middle of the grill are now trimmed in chrome. It’s a small change but it’s caught the eye of several Z3 owners. The good news is that the new kidney grill can be retro-fitted into older Z3s, however the new part number is not public knowledge at this point so we have to wait to order from BMW.

    Eileen found some thin chrome trim tape at her local autoparts store. After spending a few minutes cutting the tape to precise length, she simple stuck them on and the result looks great. For only a few dollars she made her front kidney grill just like the new grills. Who knows how long the chrome tape will last, but so far it is holding up quite well.