BMW Aluminum Shift Knob

Just added a new polished aluminum shift knob which replaces my illuminated shift knob. I like the feel of the polished aluminum much better than leather. This polished aluminum knob is also shorter than the illuminated knob, so the shifts between gears feel a lot sportier.

Part #82-23-9-405-686

Retail: $85.00

Update: Jon Maddux sent pictures of some additional BMW shift knobs and their BMW part numbers. There are several kinds of “chrome” shift knobs available from BMW. They have subtle differences, but before you drop $70+ on a shift knob, they are worth noting. Note that both “bright” knobs are plastic. The brushed and matte knobs are solid aluminum. Ron Styger reports the weight of the different knobs are .081kg (25-11-1-434-003), .079kg (25-11-2-492-481), 0.132kg (82-23-9-405-686) and 0.128 (25-11-9-416-257). Retail prices are $85 for (25-11-1-434-003), $65 for (25-11-2-492-481), and $98.25 for (25-11-9-416-257).

Aluminum Gauges

Pros: Dramatic change in the dash appearance for not much money
Cons: Semi-hard to install, light color dials and white needles make reading the dials more difficult
Cost: $179

Available Colors: White, Yellow, Parchment, Aluminum*

Replaces: Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel Gauge, Temperature Gauge

Sold By:

NR Automobile Accessories

(800) 225-3498


During the day, the gauge face will have the specified color (white, aluminum, yellow, etc.) with black numerals. At night, the gauge face will be black and the numerals reverse to be the color of the face during the day. For example, when a white face gauge inverts at night, the face becomes black and the numbers become white.


If faces are front lit, needles can be colored with a very light coat of spray paint or magic marker. Backlit gauge faces will require needles to be painted with a translucent or clear paint. However, because needles are 3 dimensional, you should not have problem seeing them against the face.

Cluster Removal

Removal will require some mechanical aptitude. You can refer to a shop repair manual for your car to determine the best method. The clear cover usually attaches to the cluster with clips which can be depressed with a flat bladed screw driver. Removal of the needles and faces can be done at this time.


This is accomplished by using tool provided to remove needles and then replacing in the same position after new face is installed as per instructions provided.


Can be done with a little mechanical inclination. If you are comfortable working with your hands and have a certain amount of patience, installation is relatively simple. We provide basic installation instructions and a tool to help you remove the gauge needles; however, you need to know how to take your cluster out of the dash. Most of our customers do their own installations but we recommend professional installation if you are not comfortable doing this kind of work. Mechanics, speedometer shops and stereo shops also do installation of these gauge faces.